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Heartfulness Movement
Heartfulness Movement

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your captivating speech on "Inner Engineering" at the Heartfulness Yog Mahotsav today. Your presence itself was an honor, but the wisdom and clarity you shared on the stage have left an indelible mark on me.


The way you wove personal anecdotes with profound insights into the human condition was truly mesmerizing. Your emphasis on the importance of a moderate and balanced life through the inner journey and meditation resonated deeply with me. It was a timely reminder that true happiness and fulfilment lie not in chasing external pleasures, but in cultivating inner peace and stillness.


Your call to action to embark on this inner journey through meditation was both gentle and powerful. You painted a picture of a life liberated from anxieties and complexities, and brimming with joy and compassion. It sparked a newfound determination within me to delve deeper into this practice and unlock my own inner potential.


I know I speak for many when I say that your speech was the highlight of the day. It was a gift of inspiration and guidance that will stay with us long after the Mahotsav has ended. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your wit, and your warmth with us.

Faculty Development Program - KRS CBSE School Madurai
Faculty Development Program - KRS CBSE School Madurai

The faculty development program which was held on 16/4/2024 was so productive. It gave insights on the areas where we did not focus during our course of action inside the classroom. The unnoticed/unappreciated was very touching . Educate, mentor & engagement remains a "thathva".

So informative, humourous and joyful one and half hours session.

Faculty Development Program - KRS CBSE School Madurai
Faculty Development Program - KRS CBSE School Madurai

This is sobana shreenivas from KRS, Madurai. 

Your session was wonderful and you came with a different perspective. 

It was a wonderful session.Really we had a wonderful discussion with you sir.The Session was informative and we admired your speech.We are grateful to you and our management for the arrangements.Thanks for sharing your valuable experiences with us.May god bless you with  sound health.



It's a nice time with you.I know how to handle the younger generation  without tension , with the 5 'க' principle. The session was more informative.



Very informative session we had with you. Among all your words , the one which made me to realise is the child is in need of anyone to boost his/ her confidence and we should not  by means push them to the position where they may not able to get up by loosing their confidence. Thank you so much for making me think over this in my journey as a teacher.



We need motivation program like this since our life goes monotonously .We need someone like you to inform us how precious our profession. One thing I learnt on that day was, that equal importance to be given to all kids irrespective of their Academic.Thank you sir.