I am a connoisseur of life. I find it fascinating, absorbing and so so entertaining. Events and experiences around me seem to be part of the mysterious drama of life. There is a place for everything and a role for everyone. Naturally for me, even ordinary sights, people, events and encounters narrate a story of life. They make me reflective about the magic of life. Some of these experiences and reflections, I share them through my blogs.

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Evolution thru life!

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Apr 29, 2010

Today there was yet another surprise that life seems to throw my way from time to time!

There is this new restaurant near my office and I was casually checking out as to who the owner was. Part of the curiosity was that the new one was bang opposite to a very popular “Sangeetha restaurant”. Some guts it must have taken for a new owner to come up right there!

And what a surprise I had! It was Mr.Selvaraj, who was running a travel & car service earlier in the same locality. I had known Selvaraj in his earlier days, when along with his father, he provided taxi services outside Chola Sheraton Hotel, when I was the personal manager. The old man was a humble and principled person, and was the president of the taximen union. We had great mutual admiration for each other and spent good times chatting on many worldly matters.

He was very keen that his son gets employed in a good, decent “company” and be more reliable & responsible. I got Selvaraj employed in Ennore foundries thru my good friend Sampathkumar. Many years later I met Selvaraj, by now a travel car service owner and he said – with lot of humility and emotion- “but for joining the company, I would have landed up running around the streets like any irresponsible youngster…you made a difference to my life sir”.

I was deeply touched at that time. Today, as I stood in front of this restaurant of Selvaraj, I felt proud and elated. The old man’s heart and soul would experience the same, wherever he is to day!

I will have a photo of the restaurant & Selvaraj soon in this blog!

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