I am a connoisseur of life. I find it fascinating, absorbing and so so entertaining. Events and experiences around me seem to be part of the mysterious drama of life. There is a place for everything and a role for everyone. Naturally for me, even ordinary sights, people, events and encounters narrate a story of life. They make me reflective about the magic of life. Some of these experiences and reflections, I share them through my blogs.

Enter this world of mine, ENJOY! 

The plight of a “digitally challenged” guy!

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Aug 17, 2013

It is almost 4 hours of trying and still I do not know how to delete the title of an earlier blog- done in 2010. The title was “hello world”, and I wanted to insert a new title “Now or Never”.

I am miserably trying, trying more, but just not getting it done!

That reminds me about “going for professional help”…Ha Ha!

I am not able to see professionalism when they do not understand your need, urgency or helplessness. And are not concerned about your goals and targets.

So, what do I choose to do? I had a deadline for myself- 15th August 2013- to launch my blogging again. We are on 17th and I am still figuring it all out. My options seem to be

  1. Try harder, persist, and get a handle on managing your blog by yourself.
  2. Go for a completely new launch, even if it costs some MORE money!
  3. Wait for the professionals to wake up and reach out to you at their sweet convenience.

I will stay for the present with option 1 for a day or two. I feel I need to become reasonably self sufficient- at least from now on- if I want to feel less miserable in life!

I will try, for sure.


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