I am a connoisseur of life. I find it fascinating, absorbing and so so entertaining. Events and experiences around me seem to be part of the mysterious drama of life. There is a place for everything and a role for everyone. Naturally for me, even ordinary sights, people, events and encounters narrate a story of life. They make me reflective about the magic of life. Some of these experiences and reflections, I share them through my blogs.

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The Confluence of the Crows…

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Mar 28, 2024

Reflections on CROW-D management:

The monthly confluence of crows had just begun.

“Caw, Caw“ crooned the limping crow, as she gently landed into the assembly of crows…=

The chairman crow said “Today we are discussing about “hate & discrimination “He paused for effect and concluded, “And how to overcome discrimination”.

“We should treat everyone equally,” said the teacher crow. “That’s the only answer”...

“That’s okay, but suggest something more practical” chairman quipped. “These teachers are so academic & bookish…” his thoughts reflected in his contoured face, as he wiped it with a kerchief to hide his scowl.

“Yes, we all do different things, how can we be equal?” Supported the mechanic crow, the chairman’s nephew. He felt good when the chairman gave a look, which said “You deserve a biscuit piece after the meeting.

“ In our doings we are different but in our feelings are we not the same?” asked the pretty student crow, who had just joined an online coaching certification program...

“ you are young and learning about life…that’s why you talk of esoteric ideas like feelings” barged in the uncle crow. The chairman nodded smilingly.

“ But discrimination itself is a feeling of low value, isn’t it?” Came in the singer crow, moving closer to the student crow. “ then what’s the point of discussing?”

Chairman Crow was getting irritated with this immodesty.

“ let’s have some decorum for discussion…from now” he ruled. “ raise your hands if you wish to speak, I will decide and we will speak in a proper order”. He felt he was in control. “I will allow things in a methodical, regulated way; That’s the rule, how things work”…his voice was emphatic.

There was silence. Chairman felt good.

Many crows didn’t like it. This was supposed to be a free-flow forum.

The softer crow decided to keep quiet. The student crow started breathing deeply, as they had recommended in class 3 of the program. The gentle crow resolved to write a petition later. The mother crow wanted to go home. Many decided not to speak.

“ So, talking of discrimination…” the chairman began. And up went the hand of the cute kindergarten crow.

"OH, WHAT'S THIS WIMPY UP TO?" A bit irritated but managing, the chairman said with a manufactured grin “Go on baby…”

A few silent moments passed. Everyone looked at the young kindergarten crow. She was silent but looked uncomfortable. Some more seconds went by.

“Enough, “ thought the chairman. “ Why are you silent…You raised your hand?” demanded the chairman, no more so composed.

Slowly, hesitantly the child crow uttered…“We always raise our hand in our school, when we want to go to the loo, the toilet”…paused, and finished"That's the rule"...

There was a bemused breath of relief from many crows. Some smiled. Mom Crow chuckled in undeclared glee.

Looking down intensely at the ground, the Chairman seriously contemplated as to how to respond for a few seconds. He came to a decision. “Children should not be allowed into meetings, forget about speaking…” He felt good about his logical thinking. He was now clear & ready to announce a policy change. with a straight face.

When he raised his head, he saw the child was gone.

So also were gone,  half the other crows!

“Caw, Caw” crooned the limping crow, muttering “I have better things to do", as she awkwardly limped away towards the garbage bin by the side of the street.

In awareness & Love

Raja Krishnamoorthy

28-3-24:9.30 am

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