I am a connoisseur of life. I find it fascinating, absorbing and so so entertaining. Events and experiences around me seem to be part of the mysterious drama of life. There is a place for everything and a role for everyone. Naturally for me, even ordinary sights, people, events and encounters narrate a story of life. They make me reflective about the magic of life. Some of these experiences and reflections, I share them through my blogs.

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Whispers of the Earth

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Mar 22, 2024

“Please have your coffee before you leave…” pleaded my mother

I felt irritated…” These moms never understand as to when to pamper & when to let go…” my mind hissed in urgency.

“I’ve no time”, I declared getting into my shoes, picking up my bag, storming out of the door, kicking the wicket gate open and stomping away for my work, all in one continuing high-speed motion.

As I continued to walk, there was that mild expression of pain. I looked around and didn't see anyone. "It's me, the earth," the voice said.

I looked around. "It's me, the earth," the voice repeated. I looked around once more. I found the voice to be strange because I hadn't heard the sound before.

"Look down, it's me."

I looked down and saw the Earth smiling at me. “Looking down is not considered a very good thing in your human culture, right?” she smiled.

I was pleasantly surprised. This was a new experience. Yeah, I acknowledged that and then I realized that I had appointments and looked at my watch.

The earth laughed. "I know you're in a great hurry. Human beings are in a constant state of hurry, and what happens is, in this hurry-burry, you only choose to look at what is in front of you. You don't choose to look at what is behind you. Least of all, never ever, you choose to look at what is below you."

I stopped. I decided to listen. "Thank you," the earth said.

"I don't know whether you have thought about it. I am with you all the time." She continued, "You stand on me. You walk on me. You sit on me. You shit on me." She laughed. I felt a little queasy, but that was the truth. So, I just nodded my head.

"I guess that is the same for some of us who are all the time with you and for you," the earth reflected. "Like my friend, the space is always there. You don't seem to notice. And you put all kinds of nonsense in any vacant space that you get.”

I could not argue. Stood silently.

“Your whole idea of development and growth is to fill spaces, fill spaces, fill spaces. You have the hand size of a heart but more than a universe of a space of greed which can't be filled in." The earth was taunting.

I stood with a sense of guilt. What else do I say?

"So, I wonder," the earth continued, "why is it that you fail to notice those who support you, those who have been with you, those who have cared for you?”

“No, No…No: I am not of that kind. I am a person of gratitude," I retorted back immediately. I think this was getting a little too much, and I felt a little insulted.

"Oh, is that so?" the earth said. "How many times have you chosen to touch me with your fingers? I know that you touch me with your feet, all the time. You stomp with your feet. You run on me with your feet.”

“And you kick me with your feet. Would you ever bend down and touch me softly, caringly, caressingly and say, 'I know you,' at least? Better would be, 'I thank you.' The best would be, 'I respect you”. She was calm, but strong in her tone.

I tried to look away, feeling a little guilty.

"Well, I don't really blame you," said the earth. "No human is consciously kind." I was starting to feel lousy.

"This is just an odd day when I felt like speaking. Normally I don't choose to speak. Being Mother Earth, I have no rights and claims for myself. I am destined to give. I am a compulsive giver. So I give space. I give ground. I give a steady base for everyone to exist, live, thrive. The human can walk on me. The plants can grow on me. The animals can build burrows on me. The insects can dig into me. I have no claims.”

I felt a little ashamed, but now looked at the earth with a lot of respect. And very involuntary, involuntarily my lips said, "Thank you and my apologies for not doing this before."

The earth kind of brushed me off with a smile. "Hey, go ahead. Just one of those days when I felt like voicing. Just go ahead. I'll be always there. You take care of yourself." I nodded. My throat choked in gratitude. And before my tears could be seen, I turned. I walked.

I would have walked for maybe about 10 feet when I heard the earth's voice saying, "All the best. Look back once in a while."

I stopped, turned, and looked back.

And there at a distance, at the gate of my house, was standing as usual, as on all days, my mother. Waiting to see me until I turned the corner of the street and went away.

Wiping the tears coming off my eyes as I slowly walked towards my destination.

In Awareness & Love

Raja Krishnamoorthy

22-3-24: 9.30 am

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