I am a connoisseur of life. I find it fascinating, absorbing and so so entertaining. Events and experiences around me seem to be part of the mysterious drama of life. There is a place for everything and a role for everyone. Naturally for me, even ordinary sights, people, events and encounters narrate a story of life. They make me reflective about the magic of life. Some of these experiences and reflections, I share them through my blogs.

Enter this world of mine, ENJOY! 

Blog Trailer! A Peek At What I Intend To Blog Over Next Few Weeks!

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Sep 26, 2013

I am determined to blog at least twice every week. There is so much to share; I do not see any challenge in finding very interesting experiences of life.

For me the real challenge is in being able to schedule a time, and sit with the laptop and blog it away! That is the area that I am not managing very well.

The reasons are quite a few.

  • I am traveling; in different locations (and not home) hence my daily cycle is affected. Or the daily routine is influenced by the new context. E.g.: I am in the USA now.
  • The patterns of living, eating and sleeping in these contexts are very different. So also the high dependency on others for transport, travel communication etc. As a result I am spending a certain amount of time waiting, hoping, seeking, or simply hanging. But that’s absolutely fine with me.
  • Certainly I am relaxing a lot, bonding a lot, eating a lot (put on at least a KG in 6 days) and enjoying.

But I do not want to wait. So I am adopting what I call as the “Movie trailer” approach to my blogging for the present!

Before any movie releases, you have the trailers that come out a few week before, as a teaser, as a sample, as a buildup of expectations. You get a glimpse of action, and other things from the movie and are keen to watch the film when it releases. Then you have the “Main Picture” or actual release happening after the big build-up.

I have here a trailer of all the interesting experiences since Meena, my wife & I travelled to USA exactly a week back. Since most of these are at Dallas, it is titled “Dallas Diaries”!

  1. Our dear Krishna swami uncle and Saroja Aunt (Athimber and Athai): The story of a remarkable (and almost complete) recovery from weeks of coma for Saroja athai, and the support by Athimber, the general: He is peaking at 92, living so disciplined, so organized and serving his wife like he is 62
  2. Sundar & Anu, Gary & Raji: The deeply loving, 24/7 amazingly caring and truly “never–say-die” spirited “delta force” army (of son & Daughter- in -law plus son-in-law & daughter), who stood by   Athimber & Athai thru the last 20 months (and continue to serve relentlessly).Here is a rare instance, for lucky and blessed parents, what it means to have REAL   caring children! Specially a message for all children whose parents are in old age homes.
  3. Meena, the co-passenger of my life: How did I forget about her in my last week blog on “nithya Ishwara Darshanam” when I have “Devine Grace” traveling along with me in the journey of life? My sincere Apology, I will make it up sweet heart!
  4. Lassya on face time: Our cute, intelligent and charming granddaughter. It is SOOOO difficult to be away from her. On face time she was trying to reach for us, as if we were really in front of her…missing my Lassya so much; what must be going on in her mind?
  5. The “4 hour night sleep + 2 hours noon nap” cycle at Dallas. Jet lag? But I am feeling good.
  6. The very touching Sathya Narayan puja at Sundar & Anu’s’ home at Dallas.
  7. Raghu & Radhika: Songs, guitar, Dance and incomparable food: The Oscar for fun times hospitality goes to…you know who!
  8. The unbelievable, sudden, pouring rain at Dallas and my admiration for Gopis’ driving skills thru that nightmarish rain
  9. My Maami (mother in law) special: Especially her amazing observations, rib tickling anecdotes, strong comments and full hearted appreciation for people.
  10. The thrilling experience of American football at the “cowboys stadium” with Raman, Hari & sundar: A special blog for sure!
  11. The airport experience: The security ladies who, after looking at me and the passport photograph a few times, smilingly handed it over saying, “You look so much younger in real life”. Big boost to my ego!
  12. First time flight bookings, Baggage checking in-seat blocking on the Internet by me: Being digitally challenged, it caused me some anxiety…but got down to doing it well. Was scared of even attempting a seat change, and unusually stayed put with an aisle seat that was pre-allotted: But bingo! During the 2-hour flight slept like a baby: I had 2 vacant seats all for myself!
  13. The incomparable Dr.Sid Venkatesh: At almost 70, this ex-Kellogg professor, successful –but-now retired entrepreneur, simply left me dumb founded: He came all the way from Cincinnati, picked me up from the air-port, drove 1 ½ hours, delivered me at Miami by 9.00pm, shared a coffee and chose to drive back- and alone-all the way for another hour in the night! We had such interesting conversation right thru the drive. His charitable mind and helping Srini, my host at Miami University, dazed me!

That’s for part 1 of trailers. There is a part 2 of trailers: Miami Musings -Happenings at Miami- that I will release in a day or two!

And the “actual releases” will happen in due course!

For the present, some visuals for you guys!



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