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The Lotus Blooms At Bloomington!

Author Raja Krishnamoorthy / Kitty - Sep 28, 2013

At Bloomington: LOTUS festival:

 Srini and the 3 other musicians –Lalitha (violin maestro), Humayun   from Afghanisthan (Rabbab), and Abbos (from Usbekisthan) native drum – Doyra-are set to perform at Bloomington tonight.

We started out in 2 cars, Sean driving me and Abbos, while Srini had Humayun and Lalitha in his car. After a 3 hour+ drive, we arrived at the church where the festival is being held by 5.30 pm. We parked the cars and the music team soon sat down for a short rehearsal. Then we took a short walk to see the festivity.

This is the annual LOTUS festival at Bloomington. And what a festival!

The town turns colorful, cheerful, smiling, singing and welcoming every one who was landing up for the festival. Spread over three days- this week end- it is a festival of arts, street sales, sculpture/ installations, painting, fun games, music, street food and much more.

There are scores of city volunteers who are helping with the arrangement, administration, communication and all that is required to make it a great celebration. The streets are colorful and reverberating with songs, chatter, laughter and loud greetings.

The church is one of the venues for the music festival. The volunteers have set up a day long buffet of a whole range of food items, delicious as it can be, for all the artists groups landing up there. Courteous and helpful, they do all that can make you quickly settle down after a 3 hour-long drive. We were hungry like hell (except Sean- who eats only twice a day) and hogged all that we needed. I was guiding Lalitha on the pure vegetarian dishes, a must for both of us.

And after a bit of confusion, in this small town where almost all hotel rooms were booked, we refreshed and the musicians are NOW all set for the concert ;it is 10.15 pm, night but there are around 200 people  in the church, eager audience, all ready  and waiting for the music of this truly global ensemble.

For the present here are some photos, but soon (may be tomorrow morning) there will be some more… may be even a short one-minute video clipping!

Till then, enjoy the reading and wait for the finale. I am all set to enjoy the music.



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